Meet Matt

My Family

Jess and I have been raising our family in Del Valle since 2014. Our niece joined our family at that time, and while she’ll forever be part of our household, Giselle recently moved out after graduating from high school and is pursuing her dreams. Now, we’re raising two wildlings who give us a ton of joy. The oldest is our daughter Amelia–a spunky five year old who loves to laugh, dance, paint, and talk about dinosaurs to anyone who will listen. Manu, our youngest, is a barrel of joy who loves to eat, play with trucks, and have fun with family and friends. Jess is a Marriage and Family therapist in private practice who is an amazing mother and partner.

My Background

Since the first day in my classroom where I served as a Special Education teacher, every major decision in my professional, personal, and academic life has been geared towards answering one question that other people answered for me: how are you making other people’s lives better?

For most of my young life, I lived in poverty. My father had walked out on us one night when I was in middle school, and it changed everything. Because my mother hadn’t been able to finish her education, we really didn’t have a lot to fall back on.

Looking back, what I really remember about that time were the helpers along my journey who went out their way to help me get my education, which was their way of answering the question of how to make other people’s lives better. There was the youth minister, who introduced me to the idea of college. My friend’s mom who picked me up almost every morning during high school to make sure I made it to class on time because she knew how important that was. And a couple of teachers who knew what was going on at home for me, but constantly pushed me to not be defined by my circumstance. And because of their example, I eventually decided to make my life and career about serving people and communities through public education and public policy, because I believe they facilitate some of the most powerful answers to that question: how do you make other people’s lives better?

Today, too many Texans are struggling to recover from the devastation of COVID-19 and Winter Storm Uri. Combined with record growth in central Texas, these historic changes highlight the need for leaders to step up in our community and champion improvements for everyday Texans. In housing. Transportation. Food security. Health. Education. Childcare. And other critical infrastructure. So that families across Texas and District 51 can ensure they and their loved ones have every opportunity to thrive, no matter the circumstance. That’s why I’m running in House District 51 because we deserve active, compassionate, and innovative leadership.

As a parent, I know what it’s like to want the best for your kids. As a former special education and reading teacher, I know how much support little Texans need to succeed. And as somebody whose life was dramatically transformed by others stepping up to help, I could not be more thrilled for the opportunity to run for the Texas Legislature and serve my fellow Texans. I’ve spent my entire adult life working in or studying how to improve public education and public policy, and if I’m elected to represent the people of District 51, I’ll use every ounce of experience, education, training, and resources I have to improve our community.

My name is Matt Worthington. I’m a father, former Special Education teacher, data-scientist, and lifelong advocate of serving those around you. I’m asking for your support in helping me serve our community by electing me to the Texas Legislature in House District 51.

Volunteer Service

Vice-President, Del Valle Community Coalition

Vice-Chair, City of Austin Early Childhood Council

Education Background

The University of Texas at Austin - The LBJ School of Public Affairs
Master of Public Affairs (M.P.Aff), Public Policy Analysis

RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service
Graduate Portfolio, Nonprofit Studies

George Mason University - School of Education
Master of Education (M.Ed.), Special Education

Abilene Christian University
Bachelor of Arts, English Studies